Phoenix Eye Institute 

Your first choice for quality eye care in Arizona.


Our Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins trained physicians 

offer the latest in treatment options.

Welcome to the Phoenix Eye Institute, where you will find highly trained specialists, caring staff, and 

the latest treatments for all your eye conditions.

Why choose us?
Dr. Min Kim, our Director, received his medical training at Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins Universities. He was awarded a PhD degree from Yale University and was a Professor of Medicine prior to starting the Phoenix Eye Institute. He was a consultant at McKinsey and Company, and helped hospitals and insurance companies increase operational efficiency.  Feel confident that you are getting the very best in ivy-league quality eye care when you choose us.
We spare no expense in obtaining the latest technology for our patients. For each diagnostic and therapeutic device, we hand-select the very best available. We also frequently update our equipment to stay at the leading edge. Just visit us to see the difference.  You will immediately see what you have been missing.
Knowledge and technology are useless if they are not delivered with compassion.  We always try to put ourselves in the shoes of our patients and offer care with a Christian heart. We guarantee that every question you have will be answered.
Your time is as valuable as ours.  We will let you know how much time to set aside for your appointment and keep you informed of your status in the queue.

We are different 

Unlike most opthalmologists, Dr. Kim is a fellowship trained retina specialist with broad experience in other subfields, including glaucoma, cornea, and plastics. 

What this means for our you is that you no longer have to visit multiple eye doctors to get the care you need. We can effectively manage and treat all your eye conditions in one visit. This saves you time and allows you to live your life rather than wasting it away waiting in doctors' lobbies.


We are objective 

In the current medical environment, many decisions in healthcare are determined by what your insurance will allow, or who referred you to the doctor, or what under-the-table financial arrangements may apply.  Have you seen doctors who "sublease" space from other doctors?  This is a thinly disguised kickback at your expense.   Did you know insurance companies sometimes actually pay doctors if they deny you treatment?  The list of shady deals in medicine is extensive.  We are independent and have no such arrangements.

Many doctors push cheap off-label drugs and will not prescribe FDA approved drugs because they cost thousands per treatment. We promise not to do this to you. We will give you every objective option available without regard to money or other ancillary motivations.  

Med Clinic

Medical Clinic

We like difficult cases

The harder the better.  We specialize in treating severe and difficult eye disease. Have you been told that you have an untreatable condition? We may be able to help.

Have you been told you have a sight-threatening disease? Consult with us and you may be surprised at what is available.

While we have no qualms about treating simple problems, we truly shine when presented with difficult cases involving multiple diseases and eye systems.   


A Few of the Conditions We Treat:

What Our Patients Say:
"Dr. Kim knows what's best for his patients. He'll show you exactly on the screen where you're at.   I put a lot of faith in him."
"My first doctor made a mistake during surgery.  Dr. Kim fixed it. I have him to thank for taking care of me. On my last exam, everything was perfect.  He is an excellent example of everything a person and doctor should be." 
"My vision was very bad. I wanted to see my grandkids and hug them but I could not see them.  Dr Kim took care of me like family.